Stroud Compounding & Wellness Drugstore – Your Trusted Pharmacy in Stroudsburg, PA

Discover personalized pharmacy services in Stroudsburg, PA. Stroud Compounding & Wellness Drugstore offers custom medications, outstanding customer service, and free consultations.

Stroud Compounding & Wellness Drugstore is a premier hybrid pharmacy serving Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, and licensed in neighboring states such as Delaware, New Jersey, and North Carolina. Our commitment is to provide a personalized pharmacy experience through exceptional customer service and the compounding of custom-made medications tailored to meet the unique needs of our patients.

Founding and Growth

The founding owner established the company in 2006 when she saw the need for specialized medications in Monroe County. There was a great demand for personalized medications but no compounding pharmacy existed in the area. Her first store was located on Ann Street and to address the increased demand for personalized medications, she moved to the pharmacy’s current location, which is bigger and more accessible. The founding owner personally compounded her patients’ medication as a one-man team. She found a protégée; another independent pharmacy owner, James Chikwanha, and trained him to take over and eventually became the new owner of Stroud Compounding & Wellness Drugstore.

Expanding Excellence

Over the years, Stroud Compounding & Wellness Drugstore has grown exponentially. This expansion reflects the immediate trust placed in our services by the community. With our mission and vision at the forefront, our management team invested in a state-of-the-art non-sterile and sterile laboratory, expanded our competent pharmacy staff, and ensured top-tier facility planning. We utilize the latest compounding equipment, maintain stringent raw ingredient quality assurance, and implement rigorous final product quality control. Combined with our commitment to unmatched customer service, these efforts have positioned Stroud Compounding as an exceptional pharmacy trusted by providers and patients alike.

Personalized Patient Experience

At Stroud Compounding, our promise is a relentless commitment to providing personalized medication solutions, unparalleled quality control, and quality assurance. Our loyal patient base stands testament to our ability to surpass expectations, upholding the Stroud Compounding Drugstore Promise.

Explore the difference of personalized pharmacy services at Stroud Compounding & Wellness Drugstore. Contact us today for a pharmacy experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Meet Our Team


James leads our team as the Pharmacy Manager, bringing extensive experience in compounding pharmacy and specializing in pain management. His commitment to patient care and innovative solutions has made him a valuable asset to Stroud Compounding & Wellness Drugstore.


Renata serves as our Head Technician, overseeing the compounding process with precision and dedication. With a keen eye for detail, she ensures that each compounded medication meets our rigorous quality standards.


Roy is our Sterile Compounding Technician, responsible for maintaining the highest standards in sterile compounding. His meticulous approach and adherence to safety protocols contribute to the reliability of our sterile compounding services.


Dallas plays a crucial role as a Technician, assisting in various aspects of pharmacy operations. His dedication and versatility contribute to the smooth functioning of our pharmacy.


Patty specializes in fitting compression stockings, providing personalized solutions for patients with circulatory concerns. Her expertise ensures that patients receive the right fit and optimal comfort.


Patrick serves as our Compounding Sales Representative, connecting with healthcare providers and ensuring they have the information they need about our compounding services. His dedication to building strong relationships enhances our partnerships in the medical community.


Mike is our reliable Delivery Specialist, ensuring that patients receive their medications promptly and efficiently. His friendly demeanor and commitment to excellent service make the delivery experience seamless for our valued patients.